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Welcome to Centre for International Studies (Regd.)

The CIS was born out of an acute need felt by many scholars in the recent years for a forum for discussing issues in foreign affairs. With the ‘Indian Council of World Affairs’ Branch in Mumbai not working, even one forum then existing had disappeared. In the light of it, the VPM’s Managing Committee decided in May 1997 to set up CIS to focus attention on various issues affecting India’s International Relations. The CIS was registered as a separate trust by the VPM in June 2004. VPM’s CIS has been recognized as an institution of excellence for enrolling students for their M.A. (by Research) and Ph.D. by the University of Mumbai in the year 2006….


Aims & Objectives of the CIS

Besides acting as a Forum for discussing contemporary national international issues, the CIS is meant to register aspiring candidates for academic study programme leading to the award of MA (by Thesis) and PhD degrees in the faculty of Arts, especially in the Political Science discipline, with a special reference International Relations. The CIS has been recognised by the Mumbai University as a research institution for guiding ten candidates. Dr. P.M. Kamath, former Professor of Politics in the Department of Civics and Politics of the Mumbai University is a recognised guide. Smt. Prachee Mandar Phadke was the first candidate who registered with the CIS for her PhD on “Cross border Terrorism and Abuse of Child rights in Jammu and Kashmir, 1989-1999”. Mumbai based members of the CIS Governing Council have indicated their willingness to guide students in the areas of their specialization. Dr. (Ms.) Amruta Deshmukh, Head, Dept. of Political Science, Chetana College, Mumbai and Member of the CIS Academic Council is one of the recognized research guides of the CIS. Approval of the Mumbai University has been sought to recognize Dr. (Mrs.) Vasundhara Mohan, formerly Reader in Central Eurasian Studies as a research guide of the CIS. Similarly former Head, Political Science Dept in SIES College of Arts, Science Commerce Dr (Mrs) Maneesha Tikekar has joined Academic Council of the VPM’s CIS; so also Dr (Mrs) Bindu Chowdary, formerly Head, Dept. Of Political Science, R. J. College. Ph.D. guiding recognition is also sought to these two Professors with long academic guiding experience.

Mrs Prachee Phadke our first Ph.D. Student was awarded her Degree in May 2017, while Mr. Rajiv Gupte, Professor, Mumbai Educational Trust, Institute of Management, Mr Sudhir Shetty, Mr Pulind Samant and Mrs. Kavita Sharma, Asst. Professor, Department of Political Science, VPM’s R Z Shah College, Mumbai are working at the CIS for their PhD degrees.

The CIS is also intended for conducting independent research on international issues impacting national interests of India.

It is also one of the objectives of the CIS to publish occasional papers on important subjects in the area of International Relations by eminent scholars in the field independently or in collaboration with like-minded institutions for limited circulation amongst the policy makers.

The CIS is also intended to organise National and International Seminars on important issues concerning India’s International Relations.

The CIS aims to organise public lectures on issues concerning International Relations.