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Welcome to Institute of Professional Studies (IPS)

In the year 1997, the Mandal started IPS primarily to promote computer education amongst students and teachers in our institutions. IPS recently conducted a seminar on Ethical Hacking, for the students of Degree college. After successfully running computer education in the schools from Std. I to X for five years, we also began a Computer Diploma for our Junior College students. A main feature of computer education is, it is provided free of cost to children in Kannada Primary School for class IV. Computer education was coordinated by Hon. Director of the IPS under the general guidance of a governing council. During the Golden Jubilee year, IPS has begun to provide Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation’s MS-CIT and other courses. In addition to teaching of computers, we organize lectures and seminars on important issues for the benefit of our teachers and students. The lecture was delivered by Mr.Dhamendra ,a specialist, a tutor, a  knowledgeable person in  Ethical Hacking.

IPS is the authorized Centre for MKCL (Maharashtra Knowledge corporation limited ). IPS regularly conducts MS-CIT and KLic courses for the school students, college students and elderly people of the society.

Some of the important activities held are as follows:

On March 6th, 1998, Dr. S.V. Shastri delivered a lecture on “Teaching of English in Junior College”.

Talk on “Basic Structure of the Indian Institution” by Dr. L. D. D’Silva, Dept. of Civics And Politics was held on 1st May 2000. A talk was organised by Dr Aspi Surveyor on 24th February 2001 on “Secret of Success”. Dr. (Mrs) Geeta Parwate, Prof. of Philosophy and Law, Government Law College delivered a lecture on “Modernisation and Westernization” on May 1st 2001. A lecture on “Environment Pollution and Social Responsibility” was delivered by Dr. Dharmarajan R. Iyer on 20th December 2001.
On 27th April 2002, Dr (Mrs) Gitanjali Amin delivered a lecture on “Prevention of Cancer Especially among Women”. And by Dr Kishore Amin on “ Diabetics and Cancer”. IPS organized a talk on “Psychological Aspects of Managing Children and Adolescents” by Dr. Ajai Singh for the benefit of the teachers on 1st May 2003. All the teachers and staff participated. To encourage the teachers to take these lectures seriously, spot-announcement was made by Dr. P.M.Kamath, Hon. Director of three prizes for those providing the best summary of the lecture. Two teachers 1. Mrs. Suvina Shetty 2. Mr Dominic Arivarasu of Jr. College received the prizes. 

Career Guidance Seminar was organised by the IPS for students of Std. XII on “Careers in Armed Forces” : on 13th December 2003. Brig. S.C. Sharma (Retd), Brig. Tyagarajan (Retd.), Admiral I.C. Rao, PVSM, AVSM, Cdr. D.V.S. Verma and Wing Com. R.V. Parasnis (Retd.) spoke in their respective areas of Army, Navy and Air Force. The talks were well received by the participants from our Jr. College as well as students from other Colleges.

On 24th April 2004 Dr. (Mrs.) Anjali Kant, Lecturer, Ali Yavar Jung, National Institute of Hearing Handicap delivered a lecture on “Speech and Language, Reading and Writing problems among School and College Students”.
A month long summer camp in Yoga, Gymnastics and Aerobics during vacation for school students from 20th April to 1st June 2004. Shri. D.P. Suvarna guided the students. In all 26 students took advantage of the IPS initiative.

A Seminar of Excellence in Competitive Examinations organized by the Helping Hand Foundation for Std. X and XII was co-sponsored by VPM on 19th June 2004.
A lecture on “Different Aspects of Public Speaking with Special Reference to the Role of Teachers” was held on 14th August 2004. Smt. Rashmi Narasapur, Life Member, Currently Member, VPM’s Managing Committee, and Director, Chaitanya Institute delivered the lecture.
A programme on yoga was also conducted during the Deepavali vacation for English Primary School children by Ms. Grace Noronha, HM, VPM’s English Primary School. In all 50 students were enrolled.

Under the auspices of the IPS a lecture was delivered by Dr. Balwant Chavan, M.D. (M.A) Columbo on “Nature Cure: An Alternative Medicine for Good Health’ on Saturday the 15th January, 2005. It was well attended by the VPM’s Managing Committee members, Teachers and nonteaching staff.
A presentation on Insurance and Mutual fund products by Aviva Life Insurance Co. Team on 3rd December 2005. Shri Kaushik S. Rindani conducted a workshop on “Managing Self for Excellence” on 4th March 2006.
Prof. S. K. Saksena, Dept. of Physics, K.J. Somaiyya College of Science and Commerce delivered a lecture-cum-demo on yoga on 19th August 2006. A lecture on “Career Opportunities in Journalism” was delivered on 31st August 2006 by Shri Srinivas Hebbar, Sr. Assistant Editor, Hindustan Times.

A lecture by Dr. C.V. Venkatachalan, Prof. of Sociology (Retd), The National College, Bangalore was organised on “Relevance of Gandhian Ideas Today” on 9th September 2006.
A lecture by Acharya Munindraji Chaitanya of Chinmaya Mission, Bangalore on 9th December 2006 on “Inspired Living” was organised.
Question and Answer session on “Ayurvedic Medicines” with Dr. Sanjeev A. Mahuli, Ayurvedic Consultant was arranged for the benefit of all the Teachers on 28th February 2007.
A lecture-cum-slide show on Visit to Antarctica and Arctic by Mrs Urmi Ashvin Popat, Architect was held on 30th March 2007.
VPM’s IPS arranged a workshop on “First Aid Programme” by Dr. Manjeet Singh of Wockhardt Hospital on 6 September 2008.
A talk on “Fire Hazard: Do’s & Don’ts” by Shri B. S. Khade, Retd. Chief Fire Officer, Mumbai was organized on 13 December 2008.
On 10 July 2010, a special lecture on “How to choose your Career” Aptitude test by Dr. Bharati Manek, Clinical Psychologist, and Counseling Psychiatrist, was organized for the students of B. R. Tol English High School.

A seminar on “Vision 2020” was held in the School for the Std. X students on 6 August 2011.
A seminar was conducted on 3 August 2011 by Dr. M. P. Rozatkar on “Save Environment for all the Schools of VPM.

For the Hindi street play conducted by VPM’s B.R.Tol English school, the video clip was captured and successfully uploaded on YOUTUBE for the public by IPS , as it framed the social message