VPM’s B.R.Tol English HIgh School organized a VRIKSHA DINDI to raise awareness among the residents of Mulund about the need to conserve our environment by planting trees. About 150 students from Std V-X accompanied by 15 teachers, took out a procession from the school & donated NEEM saplings to the housing societies in Mulund East. Many of our parents were enthusiastic about this event and joined the procession. The Local corporator, Shri Prabhakar Shinde, also joined the procession.  The girl students of Std X were in traditional NAVWARI Sarees & the boys in KURTA-PYJAMA.

They performed LEZIM and led the procession. The rest of the children were in their school uniforms. The Programme was planned out by the Principal & executed by Mrs.Shubhangi Benke & Mr.Shrikant Ghavare. The objective of the event was to make our own children sensitive to environmental issues and to become agents of social change. We also need this opportunity to highlight our school’s achievements.

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