VIP’s in Indian Democracy are always above law–VPM’s CIS, Mulund

Message from Dr.P.M. Kamath , Former, Professor of Politics, University of Mumbai  & Chairman & Hon. Director VPM’s Centre for International Studies (Regd) & Chairman,
Vidya Prasarak Mandal (Regd)
I have been critical of Winston Churchill’s criticism that East of Suez, democracy  is impossible. Sometimes, I have my own doubts, nowadays! Look at two recent developments: One from United Kingdom another from   from India. Queen Elizabeth II, reigning Head of the State in UK decided not to celebrate her 94th birth day on 21st April this year because of Corona virus enforced lock-down in her country. Birth day comes only once every year.
But in India former Prime Minister, Deve Gowda and his son Kumaraswamy (former CM) in Karnataka celebrated latter’s son’s wedding on 17th April with a large number of their family members, friends without following guidelines of lock-down that included social distancing and wearing of masks! Good Muhurthas come many times every month! But isn’t it that VIPs in Indian democracy are always above all law!