‘The Notion of Sustainable Cities is a Misnomer’- VPM’s CIS, Mulund

‘The Notion of Sustainable Cities is a Misnomer’Cities are ‘essentially anti-nature,’ said Dr Amita Bhide, ‘where natural environment is traded for the cruder built environment… The notion of sustainability in relation to cities is impossible to entertain.’ Dr Bhide was delivering Prof Manas Chatterji Lecture in Urban and Regional Science on 2nd June 2018 at VPM’s Centre for International Studies (CIS) Conference Hall. Dr Amita Bhide, a renowned name in the field of urban policy, governance and practice is Dean, School of Habitat Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She was speaking on ‘Sustainable Cities in India, Reframing the Discourse’. Among other things, she also dwelt in depth on the environment and health challenges created by waste in urban and sub-urban areas.

Dr Manas Chatterji, Professor at School of Management, Binghamton University, State University of New York, while chairing the eponymous lecture, referred to the growth of medium sized cities in India in contrast to the megacities, which, he said, is good for the nation. The lecture was compered by Dr Vasundhara Mohan, Hon. Dy Director & Convener, VPM’s CIS, and the rationale of the lecture was elucidated by Prof PM Kamath, Chairman & Hon. Director, VPM’s CIS. A lively discussion preceded the vote of thanks delivered by Dr R G Gidadhubli, Member, Governing Council, CIS. The lecture was followed by dinner hosted by VPM’s CIS.

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