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A student who has passed SSC (Std. X) examination conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of secondary Education or an examination recognised as equivalent by the Maharashtra state Board of HigherSecondary Education is eligible for admission to the Std. XI of the Jr. College.

A student who has passed an examination other than that conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education will be required to produce an Eligibility certificate issued by the Divisional Secondary, Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Vashi, Mumbai. Students taking admission under minority / In-house quota should submit the original LC & Mark list within 3 days after receiving it from their schools, failing which their admission will stand cancelled by default.

Admission Rules

Students seeking admission under minority quota will have to come in person with the duly filled application besides applying online as suggested by the Education Department. The application in the prescribed form must be filled in completely and signed by the student and countersigned by his/her parent/guardian. No admission is valid unless and until it is granted by the authority of the Principal and full fees received by the college.

All admissions are valid for one academic year only. A student who has qualified himself / herself for admission to Std. XII will have to fill a fresh application in the prescribed form and pay the required fees with in the period notified. A student seeking admission to FYJC should submit the original School Leaving Certificate along with SSC Mark sheet. The original copy of L. C. will not be returned to the student. Students who have passed in the October Examination will be considered only if there is vacancy. All admissions are provisional until confirmed by the appropriate authorities wherever necessary. The issue of prospectus and form does not guarantee admission.

Details of Courses Taught

As per HSC Board SYJC students should pay fees during the first week of May (or Second week of June with prior permission.) Examination fees must be paid on dates prescribed by the HSC Board.

Mode of Refund of Fees and Deposits:

If a student informs the institution in writing before the commencement of the academic year that he/she wants to withdraw his/her admission and that he/she cannot continue his/her education in the same institution for certain genuine reasons, the institution may refund the tuition fee, term fee, laboratory fee (if any) and library and laboratory deposits (if any) actually received from the students. The Admission fees shall, however, be retained by the institution. If a student desires to withdraw his/her admission after the commencement of the academic year, the institution will retain the admission fee, term fee in full and also proportionate amount of the tuition fees till the end of the month in which the refund is claimed. The remaining amount of tuition fee, if any, may be refunded along with library and laboratory deposits.


The amount of library deposits, if any, will be refunded when a student leaves the Junior College or cancels the admission after deducting damages recoverable, if any. Deposits not claimed within one year will be forfeited. The amount of deposits will be refunded to the students after 15 days from the date of receipt of their application.Students who have not surrendered their identity cards, must surrender the same against the refund of deposits, otherwise he/she stands to forfeit the deposits.

Fee Structure

First Year (XI) Science – A Student has to opt for the following subjects.
1.    English          80 + 20 Marks
2.    Kannada/Hindi/IT          80 + 20 Marks
3.    Physics          70 + 30 Marks
4.    Chemistry          70 + 30 Marks
5.    Biology          70 + 30 Marks
6.    Matematics          80 + 20 Marks
7.    E.V.S.          50 Marks
8.    HPE (Grade)          50 + 50 Marks

First Year (XI) Commerce – A Student has to opt for the following subjects.
1.    English          80 + 20 Marks
2.    Kannada/Hindi/IT          80 + 20 Marks
3.    Economics          80 + 20 Marks
4.    Organisation of Commerce          80 + 20 Marks
5.    Book Keeping & Accountancy          80 + 20 Marks
6.    Secretarial Practice &
Mathematics (on Merit Basis)          80 + 20 Marks
80 + 20 Marks
7.    E.V.S. (Grade Subject)          50 Marks
8.    HPE (Grade)          50 + 50 Marks

Second Year (XII)
Students will be require to opt for the same subjects which they have offered in FYJC.