Bhagwad Geeta Chanting Competition-VPM-KannadaPrimary

In-house Bhagawadgeeta Chanting Competition of Chapter XVI was organised by VPM on 01-12-2016 in our school.  Twenty Two  students Participated and the following Students bagged Prizes:

Group   (A)                               Balwadi & Std I
S.No           Name                              Class                                 Prize
01.       Ms. Swati Aramane        Balwadi (VPM Mulund)          1st
02.       Ms.Asha Mane                Std I (VPM Mulund)               2nd
03.       Ms. ShamitaGowda        Balwadi(VPM Mulund)           3rd

Group   (B)                                 Std  II
S.No             Name                                  Class                               Prize
01.               Ms. SudhaGowda              Std II (VPM Mulund)       1st
02.              Ms.YogitaGowda .             Std II (VPM Mulund)       2nd
03.              Mst. SushantSundalkar    Std II (VPM Mulund)       3nd

Group   (C)                                Std III and IV
S.No           Name                                        Class                           Prize
01.              Mst. UdayKamble                  Std III   NIS Airoli         1st
02.              Ms. NishaPoojari                    Std IV   NIS Airoli          2nd
03.               Mst. MadhusudanNayaka   Std IV (VPM Mulund)   3rd

Judges:  Mrs. Shobha Holla and Mrs.Girija Hegde Sevikas of Chinmaya Mission judged the competition.

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