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The School

Kannada Sangha Mulund-Thane started in 1957 Kannda Primary School. It is the first institution managed by Vidya Prasarak Mandal, Mulund (E) when it was founded on 26th March 1960. On 12th February, 2011 it was renamed as Smt. Sundaribai Manjunath Kamath Kannada Primary School.
Today Primary School has four classes and nearly 150 students on its roll. The School is recognized and aided by the B.M.C. Though Kannada Primary Schools everywhere in Mumbai face decline in enrolment, it has maintained a steady strength over a decade. VPM also started Balwadi in Kannada in 1999. Smt Aruna Bhat is the Head of the School.

Now there are in all Five Teachers and Two Non-Teaching staff in the School. Though under Right to Education Act 2009, Federal /State Governments are to provide free and compulsory primary- education, BMC insists private aided primary schools to charge fees in the range of Rs 15-20. Majority of students in our Kannada Balwadi and Primary School come from economically poor classes. VPM supports these children’s education by Full freeships, provision of school uniforms and bus travel support to reach the school as they come from distant places. School encourages children to excel in academic and extracurricular activities. There are more then 150 endowments to award every year freeships and prizes to the deserving children. Well-wishers are invited to support the cause of education. Donation form (download file). While English is taught from the first standard, school pays special attention to children with educational disabilities. Now we have also introduced Semi-English medium – teaching EVS and Maths in English.


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