googdodGoogle India Team organizes Doodle 4 Google drawing competition every year during September to November, where lakhs of students from entire country participate. The D4G team chooses the top 12 entries from all the entries (doodles) they get. The top 12 finalists are then invited to Delhi and are felicitated by a supreme panel of judges. There is a public voting system to choose one national champion. All the 12 finalists are invited to a special destination in Delhi, this year it was “Vivanta By Taj” in Gurgaon.

I, Harsh Sinha got the chance to visit “Vivanta By Taj” hotel. It was classy!! The Google Team took care of all the expenses, On our arrival at the Delhi airport. A cool Innova was waiting for us to drop at the hotel. We were welcomed in the hotel with a 1 kg chocolate cake and our uniforms, and then we went in our room. The first thing I noticed in our room was the full size glass window. Terrific View! We quickly changed and went down in the dining hall for lunch. We had a nice lunch and after that we sat in a bus which was going to take us to Kidzania. All the other finalists were there with us. As soon as the bus started, an entertainer stepped into the bus and suggested that we shouldn’t doze off, and started entertaining us. As the bus was running through the streets the entertainer kept entertaining us by making us introduce ourselves, tell everyone about our doodles, sing some song, etc. After 2 hours of journey we reached Kidzania. It is a place mainly for kids, and by kids I mean really small kids, but still I enjoyed. After a long session of photo shoot and journey and loads of fun at Kidzania we were back at the hotel for dinner, we had dinner and went to sleep. The bed was so nice and cozy, that I slept immediately!

Next morning, Day 2, we got all dressed up in our uniforms they provided and had a nice breakfast. There were a variety of dishes. After this we were called for the main event. We were made to sit in a huge hall of that hotel and there were cameras and Google Doodle logos around us. We were quite nervous there but I was shivering! Everyone’s doodle was shown to us one by one and the respective doodle makers were called to express themselves. I was really very nervous. The Google Interviewer asked me about my doodle when they called me and I told him about it. He couldn’t believe the fact that I made mines within few hours only. After all this “Introduction session” the Google team taught us balloon Modeling. We made a sword, a flower, and the famous balloon model, the dog. After a short break, the main guest of whole event arrived. ‘Rob’, the great artist from the famous art based kids’ serial “M. A. D”. We had a lot of fun, everyone took his autograph and clarified doubts about the subject. He distributed the prizes at the end of the function. We had and lunch and went back to our room and in the evening we boarded our flight back to Mumbai.


It was an awesome experience. I got so much prizes that there was almost no place to fit them in our baggage. I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab E, A huge cake, drawing kit, sketch pens, a water bottle with Google logo printed on it, a Google backpack, a customized alarm clock and 4 Google T-shirts. I didn’t win the competition but still I’m so proud of myself  that in  first try I got selected as the National Finalist!!

-Harsh Sinha
D4G finalist
(November 2016)