The Mandal has not limited itself to academic excellence within the classrooms. In its extension activities it
succeeded in instituting Dr. R.A. Maker Endowment Lecture on Society and Education.

Nos. Topic By
1 Education and Development. Prof. Ram Joshi, Ex-Vice Chancellor, University of Bombay.
2 Identify New Challenges in Women’s Education Dr. (Miss) M. D. Bengalee, Ex Vice-Chancellor, University of Bombay.
3 Education and Social Justice Justice H. Suresh (Retd.), Bombay High Court
4 Human Rights Education Shri. Sankar Sen IPS (Retd.), Director General (Investigation), National Human Rights Commission
5 The Relevance of English Education And Beyond. Prof. S.V. Shastri, Prof (Retd) Shivaji University.
6 Role of Women in National Freedom Movement. Dr. Usha Mehta, Freedom Fighter.
7 Educational & Political Process. Prof. N.H Sanghvi.
8 Language Planning and Society. . Mr. Vijay D. Sevekar.
9 What Bombay Owes to its Professionals, 1850-1950. Dr. (Mrs) Mariam Dossal, Dept of History, University of Mumbai.
10 Tackling Naxalism: An Indian Perspective Dr. Satyapal Singh, IPS, Jt. Commissioner of Police (Crime), Mumbai.
11 Higher Education – A Plea for Attitudinal Change Dr. Aroon Tikekar.
12 Practical Vedanta of Vivekananda Dr. (Mrs) Shakuntala Singh.
13 The Challenges of Education in the 21st Century. Lt. Gen D.B. Shekatkar.
14 Human Rights Law and Practice in India. Dr. (Ms) Rashmi Oza.
15 Perils of Populist politics. Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe Director-General, Rambhau Mhalgi Prabhodini .
16 The Relevance of Vedanta Today Mr. Kaushik Rindani
17 Hanuman Chalisa Mrs. Shyamadevi Yadav
18 Experience of working with Rural Communities and Social Entrepreneurship Shri Gurunath Shenoy
19 RTI Mr. Shailesh Gandhi
20 Society & Education: Restating the Importance of Liberal Education Dr. (Mrs) ManeeshaTikekar

Dr (Mrs) Vatsala Mukherji instituted an Endowment lecture in the field of Science and Education in memory of her father, Late Prof. Tirumalrao Maddhvarao Patil. Following lectures were organized so far:

Nos. Topic By
First Is Cancer Preventable? Dr. R.S. Rao, Eminent Cancer Surgeon
Second Nuclear Medicine & Health Care. Dr. B.A. Krishna, Head, Nuclear Medicine Dept., Hinduja Hospital
Third Science, Technology and Our Way Of Life. Dr. P.K. Iyengar Chairman (Retd.), Atomic Energy Commission
Fourth Energy Crisis in IndiaResponsibility of the Society at Large. Prof. (Mrs.) Sheel K.Asopa Professor (Retd.) of Political Science University of Rajasthan, Jaipur & Senior Fellow, ICSSR, New Delhi.
Fifth Environment: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow Shri Sriram Kulkarni.
Sixth Environment & Health: Ayurveda as a Preventive Medicine Dr. S.G. Patwardhan, B.A.M & S
Seventh Visions of Heaven. Dr. K.S. Venkateshwarlu, Formerly Head, Water Chemistry Division, BARC.
Eighth Science and Art of Indian Military Strategy Brig S.C. Sharma
Ninth Aids, What means and how to prevent it? Dr. Sameer Kumta, M. D, B. P. B.
Tenth Sleep Disorders: What can you do to help yourself? Dr. Ajai Singh, M.D
Eleventh Diabetes – Prevention and Cure Dr. Dharmen Punatar
Twelfth Heart Surgery: Risk and Benefits Dr. Jayesh Dhareshwar

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