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Dolphin Kids Pre- School & English
Primary School


  • New admission will be granted subject to the vacancies available in each class in the month of March after the result of the final assessment.
  • The original Municipal Birth Certificate of the pupil should be attached to the Admission form in Std. 1.
  • Pupil coming from the other school will not be admitted to the school without leaving certificate from their previous school (Std. II to IV)
  • The school leaving certificate of the pupils joining this school from outside Maharashtra State must be countersigned by the education inspector of the district in which the previous school is situated. (Std III to IV)


A notice of one month should be given before withdrawal of the child from the school, failing which a month’s fees will be charged. Those who wish to leave in April will have to pay their fees for May. Notice of leaving the school should be given before the beginning of holidays, otherwise fees for April & may months of the following term will be charged