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The School

Education plays a vital role in our life. It aims at making children responsible, productive and useful members of the society. Knowledge, skills and attitudes are built through learning experiences and opportunities created in the classrooms. A drastic change in teaching is possible only because of the invention of new technologies. Our students are learning with new technology like smart board, which helps them to understand the concept more clearly with audio, video, pictures and play way method, which help them to gain practical knowledge.

Considering all these things, VPM had started English Medium Pre-Primary School in the year 1972. Later on it was renamed as VPM’s Dolphin Kids  Pre-School in the year 2007. Curriculum is planned with the activities which is undertaken by the teacher and learner for achieving clear cut objectives. Without a goal, no purpose can be achieved. “The goal is a yardstick with which we can measure our success and failures”. This keeps both the teacher and the taught on the right track. Without the knowledge of the goal “ education is like a sailor who does not know his destination and the child is in a rudderless vessel with the sailor drifting along ashore somewhere ”. Our endeavour is to improve and impart quality education with the various activities related to curriculum.


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Our Vision

A world lit and transformed by the brilliance of modern science, yet anchored on the timeless wisdom of the ages – the product of young minds nurtured at the confluence ofthe rich heritage of value permeated tradition and dazzling culture of our Nation on the one hand and of the cuttingedge technologyof the modern world on the other.

Our Mission

To take under our wings young minds andto nurture them with quality education and transform them into polished gems that society can proudly showcase, strong pillars of India tomorrow and trailblazers cutting a path for future generations to follow becoming the change drivers of a changing era.