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“Online classes from Jr.KG to STD X for Academic Year 2020-2021 are conducted regularly”
As per the directives received from Government of Maharashtra on 14/03/2020, VPM’S Dolphin Kids & English Primary School Will be closed for all the students till 31st March 2020 as a Precautionary measure to combat CORONA VIRUS OUTBREAK.

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Education plays a vital role in our life. It aims at making children responsible, productive and useful members of the society. Knowledge, skills and attitudes are built through learning experiences and opportunities created in the classrooms. A drastic change in teaching is possible only because of the invention of new technologies. Our students are learning with new technology like smart board, which helps them to understand the concept more clearly with audio, video, pictures and play way method, which help them to gain practical …Read More


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At this remarkable moment in my life of acquiring a post of the principal of this renouned and established institution , my mind is full of mixed type of feelings. Feeling of joy and happiness and at the same time ,a challenge to shoulder the responsibility to maintain the status and glory of our school. gururI am thankful to our management who have shown trust in my work.I assure them that more efforts will be taken for the the betterment of the school. In this journey of a teacher to supervisor, then vice principal and finally a principal of the school , I am fortunate to have learnt a lot of from the guidance of the three eminent former principals of the school. Mrs Prabha Kadkol , Mrs Shashikala Desai and of course Mrs Angelina Nelson are my great guides in this odyssey through their unconditional love and contribution for upgrading of the school. So I am the most lucky principal who is bestowed upon by the other three former ” guru ” principals. Learning knowingly or unknowingly from them , only made it possible for me to handle every difficult situation during this pandemic of Corona.

I strongly believe that ,with strong support of our school management , unconditional contribution of all teaching and co teaching staff , our understanding and supporting parents of the students and last but not the least , my loving and cute children , I have reached this position where VPM stands tall and basks in all it’s achievements.

This is chariot of “Lord Jagannatha “. Let us go ahead with the feelings of oneness.

Mrs.Shubhangi Potphode

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  • Picnic 2017--VPM's Dolphin kids English Primary School--Mulund
  • Picnic 2017--VPM's Dolphin Kids Pre School & English Primary School --Mulund
  • Christmas Celebrations 2017--VPM's Dolphin Kids Pre School & English Primary School --- Mulund
  • ANNUAL DAY 2017--Preschool--VPM's Dolphin Kids Preschool & English Primary School -- Mulund
  • Geeta Chanting Competition 2017--VPM's Dolphin Kids Preschool & English Primary school. Mulund
  • Republic Day Celebrations 2017--VPM's Dolphin Kids Pre School, Mulund
  • Patriotic Songs Sung by Sr.KG Students 2017--VPM's Dolphin Kids English Primary School, Mulund
  • Display of Activities 2017--VPM's Dolphin Kids English Primary School ,Mulund
  • Fancy Dress Competition 2019-20--VPM's Dolphin Kids & English Primary School, Mulund
  • Annual Day 2019--VPM's Dolphin Kids Pre School, Mulund
  • Independence Day Celebrations 2020-2021
  • Diwali Celebrations 2020-2021--VPM's English Primary School, Mulund
  • Show & Tell Activity 2020-2021-VPM's Dolphin Kids & English Primary School, Mulund (E)
  • Story Telling Competition SR.KG 2020-2021-VPM'S Dolphin Kids & English Primary School, Mulund (E)
  • Sr.Kg-Yoga session 2020-2021--VPM's Dolphin Kids & English Primary school, Mulund (E)
  • Std 3 Christmas Celebrations 2020-2021--VPM's Dolphin kids & English Primary School, Mulund (E)