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About Us

The CIS was born out of an acute need felt by many scholars in the recent years for a forum for discussing issues in foreign affairs. With the ‘Indian Council of World Affairs’ Branch in Mumbai not working, even one forum then existing had disappeared. In the light of it, the VPM’s Managing Committee decided in May 1997 to set up CIS to focus attention on various issues affecting India’s International Relations. The CIS was registered as a separate trust by the VPM in June 2004. VPM’s CIS has been recognized as an institution of excellence for enrolling students for their M.A. (by Research) and Ph.D. by the University of Mumbai in the year 2006.

Location & Facilities

At present the CIS occupies 1000 sq feet area in the VPM’s College bldg. The CIS has developed an ultra-modern conference Room with a seating capacity of 50. The Conference Room was inaugurated by Shri Balbir Punj, M.P, Rajya Sabha on 20th February 2004. VPM has provided a spacious library for its newly established degree college. The post-graduate students are provided cubicles in the library. The CIS has a collection of over one thousand books in International Relations (IR), which were mostly gifted to the CIS by Dr. Kamath. Since 1997 every year, it has added a small number of important books in IR. Research Scholars have access to internet. VPM’s College has a separate Library section for the CIS.

Aims and Objects

The aims and objectives of the CIS are: First, to register aspiring candidates for academic study programme leading towards award of M.A. (by Research) and Ph D degrees in the faculty of Arts, especially in the discipline of Political Science, with a special reference International Relations, broadly defined. Mumbai University has recognised the CIS to guide ten candidates for M.A. (by Research) and Ph.D in Political Science in the Faculty of Arts. Dr. P.M.Kamath, former Professor of Politics, Mumbai University and now the Hon. Director is a recognized guide. Recently Smt. Prachee Mandar Phadke completed her Ph.D on “Cross border Terrorism and Abuse of Child rights in Jammu and Kashmir, 1989-1999” in 2017. Mumbai based members of the CIS Governing Council have indicated their willingness to guide students in their areas of specialisation.

Second, to conduct independent research studies on any international issue impacting national interests of India. Third, to publish occasional papers on the important subjects in the area of International Relations for the limited circulation amongst the policy makers, by eminent scholars in the field independently or in collaboration with like-minded institutions. Fourth, to organise International and National Seminars on the important issues affecting International Relations. Fifth, to hold public lectures on the issues of IR so that alert public could be kept well informed.


The affairs of the CIS are looked after by Dr. P.M. Kamath, Professor Emeritus, University of Mumbai, (Biodata.pdf) since its inception as its Hon. Director & Convener. He has specialized in International Politics, Foreign Policy, National Security and American Government and Politics. He has guided 15 Ph.Ds in University of Mumbai in addition to guiding students for M. Phil and M.A. (by research). He is a recognised guide on the panel of the Naval War College Mumbai and continues to guide students on Ph.D. and M. Phil. He is adjunct Professor, Department of Geopolitics and International Relations, Manipal University, Manipal University. He is assisted by qualified teachers of the VPM’s College of Arts, Science and Commerce started in 2003. Mrs Anita Shetty, M.A. (Politics) is assisting as the Research Assistant.

Governing Council

To enable us to move in the proposed direction and achieve our objectives, a Governing Council (GC) consisting of eminent persons in the field of international relations is constituted. These are the individual scholars who have over 30 yrs of teaching/research experience in Universities. GC of the CIS consists of
Chairman & Hon. Director
Dr. P.M. Kamath, Former, Prof of Politics, University of Mumbai, Adjunct Prof, Dept. of Geopolitics & IR, Manipal University

Hon. Dy. Director & Convener
Dr. (Mrs.) Vasundhara Mohan, former Director, Centre for Eurasian Studies, University of Mumbai & currently Program Director, Institute of Indian Culture, Mumbai.

Hon. Treasurer
Prof C. J. Pai


1. Amb A. R. Ghanshyam, Former Additional Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) & High Commissioner of India to Nigeria.
2. Prof Chintamnai Mahapatra, Rector & Professor, Centre for Canadian, US and Latin American Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
3. Prof. Arvind Kumar, Prof & Head, Dept of Geopolitics and International Relations, Manipal University
4. Dr Sudha Mohan, Former Head, Dept. of Civics &Politics, University of Mumbai
5. Dr. M. J Vinod, Professor, Dept of Political Science, Bangalore University.
6. Dr (Mrs) Uttara Sahasrabuddhe, Professor, Dept of Civics and Politics, Mumbai University.
7. Dr. (Ms) Amruta Deshmukh, Reader & Head, Dept. Of Political Science, Chetana College, Mumbai.
8. Dr Raj Kumar Kothari, Prof, Dept. of Political Science, Vidyasagar University, West Bengal.


For the present, CIS activities are constrained by lack of sufficient funding. It depends on funds for its academic activities on a number of philanthropists and institutions. Apart from industrial houses in the private sector, institutional funding includes the USIEF, ICSSR, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India and others. We look forward for institutionalized ties for funding by the UGC, ICSSR and MEA on a more regular basis