Chairman, VPM’s Centre for International Studies (CIS) attended the 9th International Conference organised by Mahatma Gandhi Center for Conflict Prevention and Management, ABBS at Bangalore on 2 October 2019 to 4 October 2019. He made a presentation on “Gandhi’s Views on Parliamentary System” on 3 October.

On 4 October he made a presentation on “Is India backing out from its Commitment to No First Use of Nuclear Weapons?”. A panel discussion was also led by him on Nuclear Proliferation in South Asia. Other panelists were: Prof Arvind Kumar from MAHE, Manipal University, Prof Rajkumar Kothari from Vidyasagar University, Kolkata and Prof Rajiv Gupte, Associate Prof., MET Institute of Management, Mumbai & Ph. Scholar from VPM’s CIS.

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